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Mitchell Interflex have a long-established reputation for weaving, finishing and cutting interlinings. Be it for drapery and curtains, ties and accessories, or for suits and jackets, Mitchell Interflex weave a wide range of natural hair, cotton and man-made fibre interlinings. With the ability to raise and CNC cut in-house, Mitchell Interflex offers a full interlining service.

Cotton Curtain Interlinings: in weights from 200-400 gms/sqm with brushed surfaces to add bulk and thermal insulation. These are supplied in natural, bleached and flame-resistant finishes.

Tie Interlinings: in weights from 160 -350 gms/sqm made from viscose, polyester/viscose and all-wool fibres. Single and double cloths are woven for interlining ties from budget to the most expensive and luxurious ties in the world. We also have ability to cut tie interlining forms in-house.

Bespoke Suit Interlinings: in varying weights and fibre combinations, including mohair, wool and other natural hair canvases. This specialist sector is extremely important to the success of bespoke suit tailoring, which has been enjoying a resurgence over recent years. 

weaving hair interlinings
Raising a curtain interlining for soft touch
Cutting Lectra Interlinings
Bump Interlinings