since 1907

The Mitchell Interflex weaving factory is situated in a beautiful valley in England on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border. The original mill buildings date back to c.1786 and until the 1960s the mill was powered by water. As the company prospered a new adjoining weaving shed was built in the 1920s using locally quarried Salterforth stone to blend in with the surrounding environment. The original 5’10” cast-iron waterwheel axle is preserved in the mill yard as a reminder of our history and heritage.

The Weaving Department is equipped with modern Dornier Rapier looms on a planned replacement cycle in order to service our customers with efficient and quality capacity. Many of the fabrics produced in the Weaving Department require a brushed surface and in 1998 a custom built Raising Department was commissioned in nearby Nelson, close to the M65. The raising factory has the best machinery available for raising, emerising and cropping both woven and non-woven fabrics. This includes suitable ancillary equipment for crease and lapping and making up. The company is now in its 4th generation of management.

County Brook Heritage Mill
The beautiful surroundings at Mitchell Interflex
rainbox over mill
inside the mill
the mill roof
mill detail
more mill detail